Answered By: Eamon Duffy
Last Updated: Sep 07, 2018 Views: 5

We do not have that functionality in the WorldCat interface. 

WorldCat Discovery presents users with two types of information about the physical items owned by the library:

  1. Bibliographic information - such as title, author, etc. - common to all copies of a given work regardless of what library they are found in.
  2. Holdings information - such as McGill's call number and current availability status - specific to the individual copy actually found in our collection.

Bibliographic information is contained within WorldCat Discovery itself, on servers run by the company that provides us with the interface. Holdings information, however, is stored in a local system maintained here at the library. WorldCat Discovery queries this system before displaying holdings information each time a user opens a catalogue record. This local system also contains user account information, which WorldCat Discovery does not have access to.

So when a user places a hold or a recall on an item, a process that requires retrieval of both holdings information and their personal account, WorldCat Discovery does not have access to all the necessary information. Rather the request must be completed entirely on the local system, public access to which is provided via the Classic Catalogue.