Answered By: Clara Turp
Last Updated: Sep 07, 2018 Views: 40

If you exclude articles from the search bar:

When you search the "Main Catalogue" in the search bar on the library's homepage, you have the option to exclude articles.


If you want to reintroduce articles to your search, you have three options:

1) You can click on "Reset" under "Selected Filters"


2) You can click on "All Databases" under "Databases"


3) You can select "" in addition to "WorldCat". You probably see a (0) next to when it is unselected. That only means there are no results showing from that particular database. If you select "", you should see the total number of results from that database appear.


If you select a format in the Search Tools bar:

When you do a search in WorldCat Discovery you have the options to filter by formats.


If you select a particular format (e.g. Print book), you will filter the results to only see resources in the chosen Format.


If you want to change the selected format, it is a two steps process:

1. Check "All Formats" to see all possible formats.

2. Limit your search to a new format by selecting a format.


If you want all formats. You can also click on "Reset" under "Selected Filters".