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ESG, or environmental, social and governance, is a set of metrics used to evaluate environmental and social impact. Similar metrics were previous called corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

In WRDS - see MSCI ESG Research (formerly the KLD dataset) for US company rankings.

In Bloomberg, see data on specific companies. To see ESG factors regarding a specific company:

  1. Type your company's ticker.
  2. Then, hit the yellow EQUITY key.
  3. Type FA ESG and hit the green <GO> key.

To screen for a list of companies in Bloomberg, 

  1. Type EQS and hit the green <GO> key.
  2. Click on the Fields button.
  3. Expand the menu for Fundamentals, then Bloomberg Fundamentals, then ESG to see a list of available variables.
  4. Bloomberg also has a number of analytical templates available by entering ESG and the green <GO> key.

In Eikon by LSEG/Refinitiv, search for a company, view its profile and select the ESG tab..

In the Conference Board of Canada, go to Knowledge Areas > Sustainability to see articles on sustainability. 

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