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The Library’s Bloomberg terminals provide access to live and historical market data, news, analytics and reports.

Bloomberg may have specialized data or metrics that you can’t access in other resources. However, data sometimes be harder to extract (i.e. you can’t always export the data to Excel).

How to access Bloomberg

Bloomberg can only be accessed from specialized terminals or workstations. McGill has a number of terminals that you can use:

  • 6 terminals in Bronfman: Room 007 (2 terminals), Room 235 (2 terminals), Room 240 (2 terminals - restricted to HIM students only)

  • 3 terminals in Humanities & Social Sciences Library, McLennan, 3rd floor (Room M3-53B).

Note: You will need to create a Bloomberg account to access this resource. See the Bloomberg - Basic Overview handout for information on how to create your account.


How to use Bloomberg


Online guides

Investopedia has a number of articles and guides that explain what the Bloomberg Terminal is and how you can use it:

See also:


Online video tutorials

There are many online tutorials available that will show you how to use a Bloomberg terminal. Here are a few to get you started:

video: Bloomberg - Our Top 25 Tips and Tricks (CJBSInfoLib)

video: Introduction to Bloomberg Terminals (UCF College of Business Administration)

videos: Bloomberg Professional: E-Learning Videos (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library)


Online help

You can learn a lot about Bloomberg Professional by exploring the interface. In many cases you can start to type what you are looking for (ex tickers, company names, industry, etc) and the terminal will display a list of possible commands and options that you can choose from.

There is also a HELP button on the keyboard that you can use to get help on the screen your are currently looking at.

If you press the HELP button twice, you will be taken to the Bloomberg help desk, where you can submit any question you have about Bloomberg. Note that you will need to log back in to the Bloomberg terminal to see the replies from the help desk. To see your messages, you use HDSK (help desk) or MSG (all messages).


Visual Guides (ebooks)

The Library has a number of books from the Bloomberg Visual Guides series that explain how to use the Bloomberg Terminal for specific financial activities and information.

The Library currently has Visual Guides on the following topics: candlestick charting, chart patterns, Elliot Wave trading, ETFs, financial markets, hedge funds, municipal bonds, and options.

See: Bloomberg Visual Guides

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