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In the EBSCOhost interface, search results typically need to be added to a folder in order to be exported to EndNote together. Up to 50 records can be added to your folder at a time (the maximum number that can appear on a page of results), forcing the user to scroll through each page of results, adding 50 records to the folder.

An alternative to this process, when one has 100s or 1000s of records to export, is the “Export All Records feature that appears when clicking, “Alert, Save, Share” on the results screen:

endnote ebsco

This feature can be used to export up to 5000 records resulting from an EBSCOhost search. Select “Export All Records (Up to xxx)” and enter the information on the form that is displayed:

endnote ebsco

Be certain to select the option to email a link for “Endnote, ProCite, or Reference Manager format” before clicking on “Send.”

Once completed, EBSCO will send an email directly to your inbox (be sure to check any Junk Mail or Spam folder) within 24 hours. The email will contain a link to a website where the entire set of records can be saved to a computer and imported using the correct database filter. EBSCO makes this link available for 72 hours once it is posted, and then removes it.

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