Answered By: Martin Morris
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Note: we recommend also reading our FAQ entry on the "Forced Separation ( | )" operator.

When editing styles in Endnote, we use the link adjacent operator (the "" character when we want to ensure that two fields always appear together on the same line, even if they would normally be separated by a line break.

A typical example is the volume and issue number of a citation.

Let's consider an example.  Say our citation style requires the following punctuation:

  • Ranganathan SR. (1933). The Five Rules of Library Science. Journal of Libraries, 150, 10. 120-127

Note that we want the Volume and Issue fields to appear together and not to be split between two lines.  

To achieve this, we set up this style in the Endnote style editor, as follows:


(this answer also includes the forced separation operator ( | ) - this FAQ entry explains how this operator is used)

The Volume and Issue numbers will now always appear together, independently of any other line breaks.