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Step 1) Modify the records in the library

  1. Under Edit
  2. Select Find and Replace.
  3. From drop-down option next to In:, select Abstract.
  4. For Insert Special, select Carriage return.
  5. In the Replace with box, just insert a space.
  6. Click on Change (see screenshot below).
  7. This will not make any noticeable changes in your library. However, it will allow for all the abstracts to stay within one cell in the Excel document. 


Step 2) Download the Excel Style

  1. Download the file entitled, Excel Style 1 (below).
  2. Save it in the Style Folder in Endnote Application.

Step 3) Export the records into Excel

  1. Choose the style you just saved in the Style Manager in EndNote. 
  2. Select reference. From the Edit menu, choose Copy Formatted.
  3. Open a blank workbook in Excel and paste (Ctrl+V) your saved references into the blank workbook.
  4. Insert column headings as desired.

Excel Style 1 displays the following information in the Excel document in a Tab-Delimited format.

Style for Journal Articles
Record Number    Author    Title    Journal    Abstract    Year    Volume    Issue    Pages

Style for Books
Record Number    Author    Title    Reference Type    Abstract    Year

Style for Conference Proceedings
Record Number    Author    Title    Reference Type    Abstract    Year of Conference

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